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In my role as a volunteer Generalist Adviser, I was responsible for interviewing  clients, providing them with advice and options and often negotiating with other organisations on their behalf. Having these responsibilities helped me to overcome my longstanding shyness and lack of confidence. Citizens Advice provides an invaluable service to the local community and witnessing first-hand how reliant our clients are upon us for advice, support and assistance gave me the courage and compulsion to assert their rights on their behalf, which in turn has taught me how to stand up for myself!

Anna, Volunteer Generalist Adviser

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If it were not for volunteering at Citizens Advice in Selby I would not have secured paid employment. Volunteering really helped me to grow and develop as a person. Due to the nature of the wonderful team who work there they helped me so much more than they realised with my self-esteem. They always made me feel like I mattered they always gave me encouragement and praise and made me feel like I had a sense of belonging. I had structure and routine in my life and this helped me in so many ways. Volunteering gives a sense of achievement and accomplishment. You meet new people and grow as a person, confidence is raised and you find yourself wanting to volunteer as much as possible because it’s so enjoyable and rewarding.

Sara, Volunteer Receptionist

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Volunteering helped both physically and psychologically in reconnecting with the working world.

Ash, Volunteer Receptionist

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Being able to converse with different people on a variety of personal issues, some of which are stressful, is something I would have once thought unimaginable.

Mike, Volunteer Gateway Assessor

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I suffered from social anxiety which meant I found it had to communicate in social situations or with anyone really. Most people would describe me as quiet and shy. At the start of the year I had zero confidence in my abilities. Volunteering at Citizens Advice has made it possible for me to communicate effectively with clients; they have made a real difference. In the few months I have been training with them I am now offering basic advice and assessing clients face-to-face and via telephone. This is something that I never could have dreamed of doing in such a short space of time. I have gained the confidence to interact with clients, ask them questions and understand their needs. It has been a steep learning curve and I have put in the hours and it has really paid off. The best thing is that my journey with Citizens Advice isn’t over yet! There is always room for improvement but I have made a dramatic shift from what I once was.

Gabby, Volunteer Gateway Assessor

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Before volunteering at CAB I had very little experience in an office. The experience I have gained has helped me to secure a job. In an interview it allowed me to draw on situations that I have been in to demonstrate the skill set that my employer was looking for.

Amy, Volunteer Admin Worker

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